The Perfect Concealed Carry Gun does these 4 things

1) It’s Reliable.
 This is the most important consideration for a concealed carry self-defense pistol. If you have a scenario where you feel it’s immediately necessary to avoid imminent harm through the application of deadly force, this is not a time to wonder if the firearm will work. It pains me when we see students buy the cheapest pistol they can find and consistently be the shooters who experience the most malfunctions when we test them. Here’s a hint- you should be thinking a brand new, reliable defensive pistol will run you between $500-$800 and you should budget accordingly. We also recommend a minimum of 3 total magazines for most pistols. Ideal is 5 magazines. [Get more magazines for your firearm here]

2) Your grip feels natural.
Ok cool, so now you have selected a reliable pistol. Now what? Now we see how the pistol and you interact. Can you work the magazine release, slide release and trigger without substantially changing your grip? Do you like how the gun “points” when you raise your grip up to eye level and look down the firearm? All of these factors must lineup for the best use of your firearm under less than ideal conditions like a high stress self defense incident. It’s also important to be able to load the magazines and work the slide effectively. A favorite among my students who experienced significant challenges racking the slide open is the Smith & Wesson, M&P380 Shield EZ

3) You have BRIGHT front sights on the firearm.
 There’s tons of options here, but specifically I am referring to the ability for your eyes to quickly and easily see your front sight when you bring your gun up on target. This becomes especially important during duress where you may not have much (or any) time to take aim at your target. For your concealed carry pistol, we recommend a red or green “day glow” front dot with a tritium insert. The tritium insert allow the front sight to glow in the dark without needing prior exposure to light while the bright color allows the sight to be acquired quickly by the eye. [See some here] We also feel this is the reason for the prevalence now seen with Red Dots on pistols.
4) You can comfortably wear it daily in a holster.
 It cannot be your daily personal defense firearm if you just leave it at home- so a proper holster and carry position are both neccessary. Most people have 3 variables to consider: Type of Clothing, Profession and Carry Position. Use these three things to select a holster that both is easily accessible to you and not easily accessible to a bad guy. [A good holster also does 3 things: Keep the firearm in place, does not collapse under pressure, and completely covers the trigger/trigger guard.] [Check out our holsters here]

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Eric Ward