Eric Ward

Eric Ward is a highly saught after Certified Firearms Instructor with over a decade of experience teaching programs and training. Under his leadership, 4Ward Defense had successfully trained over 1000 responsibly armed students.

Eric holds a Black belt in Krav Maga and is an accredited firearms instructor certified with both the Texas Department of Public Safety & The National Rifle Association. He is also a member of the Harris County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

A Southern native, Eric’s passion for the Second Amendment can only be rivaled by his desire to train others to protect themselves. He sees Self-Defense as a natural right. An entrepreneur with a multifaceted background in sales, marketing, communication, business and consulting- Eric found that these skills transferred seamlessly to his passion of training others to protect themselves.

Forever a student of the industry, he is an 07/02 Firearms Dealer and affiliate instructor for based in Houston, Texas.

Houston Concealed Handgun Carry License and Training