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  • 5 star review  Tyler is an incredible instructor who is exceptionally good at getting you to understand the fundamentals quickly without making you feel rushed. Despite the restrictions COVID-19 has put upon instructional institutions (among other businesses) at the time of writing, 4WARD Defense worked diligently to set up their curriculum and teaching methodology in a way that successfully allowed me and other students to learn proper safety and understanding of the law to prepare us as responsible carry license holders.

    thumb Jawaad Amin

    5 star review  Tyler is an amazing instructor. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. I definitely plan on taking one on one classes that they offer. Thank you so much.

    thumb Adonica Carandang

    5 star review  Recently completed the LTC class with Taylor. Great to still find a quality class amongst all this craziness the experience was still great! Started the class not knowing what to expect and, left feeling like a very knowledgeable law abiding citizen. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    thumb Kelsey West
  • 5 star review  Eric is an amazing instructor. He is very patient and answered all of my questions. More importantly he doesn’t make you feel like an idiot even if you lack basic gun skills lol He taught me more than I thought he could within such a short time frame. Looking forward to his next class!

    thumb Jaimie G

    5 star review  Eric was an excellent trainer. Went through all the basics with another student. Even though I was already familiar with my firearm, he took the time to really teach and show the other student how to properly handle and stand with her pistol. I highly recommend Eric in 4ward Defense for any class involving firearms basics and safety.

    thumb Luis Munoz

    5 star review  Recently completed the LTC class with Eric. Went in to the class nervous to even carry my gun box, left feeling like a very protected, law abiding citizen. Could not be more thankful for his knowledge and charisma. He definitely loves what he does and takes pride in helping his students feel well prepared for the chaotic world we live in. Highly recommend.

    thumb Mallory Mayes
  • 5 star review  Eric provided superior training on gun safety, State Laws, and also helping make the shooting range very easy. He helped me overcome my fear of guns after having my brother become a victim of Homicide in 9/16/2018. Eric you are awesome.

    thumb GT Lassiter

    5 star review  My wife and I took an LTC class from Eric and it was very thorough, he’s very knowledgeable and helpful to novice shooters. We highly recommend! Could not have had a better experience!

    thumb Austin Fleak

    5 star review  They did very well in explaining all the laws and rules. I have no experience really and they made sure I understood everything. They are patient and want you to be comfortable and I completely was. Great job

    thumb Alyce Segundo
  • 5 star review  This class made me have a completely different view on guns. I now feel comfortable and more safe around guns. I feel better prepared to protect myself and my boys if, god forbid I find myself in a situation. I really enjoyed these trainers! Eric and Tyler were AMAZING!!

    thumb Tonya King

    5 star review  Tyler really went in depth with his teaching, demonstrations and answered any questions we had. He was very helpful and made sure the course was easily comprehended. Would definitely take more classes here.

    thumb Tabitha Holloman

    5 star review  I did a training with my brother sometime around June 2019. I totally forget to gave my review about Eric and over all experience. We loved the entire training session and Eric was very detail and teaching us the entire class plus when we went to a shooting range. I highly recommend these people.

    thumb Amir Rangwala
  • 5 star review  Great experience. I took the class with Tyler and four other students. Attention to detail on firearms safety was excellent. This is a valuable course to take to ensure you are aware of the laws regarding firearms in the State of Texas and how to prepare yourself for a self defense incident.

    thumb Lauren-Elise McKinley

    5 star review  Eric did a great job explaining the material in a way to keep everyone interested and engaged. When at the range, both he and Tyler were very focused on ensuring everyone were capable of safety handling their firearm. I would highly recommend this course.

    thumb James Hudgens

    5 star review  Great class! Very informative, time went by so fast. Super helpful instructors. Looking forward to taking more classes with 4Ward Defense. Eric(owner) and Tyler were great!

    thumb Eileen Crowder
  • 5 star review  These guys are amazing, if you are not confident or never really handled a handgun, this is the place to go. They take their time and teach and train you the fundamentals on how to properly conceal and hone defense. Tyler was my instructor and gave me key tips to improve myself. Thanks will be a returning student for more courses

    thumb Jessilyn Olufuwa

    5 star review  I’ve shot since I was real young so I’m comfortable around guns; However, it’s been a while since I’ve shot. I loved taking this course with them because they are well informed. It was a great review of gunmanship and also a great course to learn about the laws of conceal carry.

    thumb Katy Stephens

    5 star review  My wife set up a birthday gift of epic proportions. Flew my buddy in (who I had not seen in 20 yrs) to celebrate. She had it all arranged for us to meet up with Eric, who, according to her, was gonna teach us to shoot like John Wick. When we first sat down with Eric at the range, we discussed expectations. I let him know that while I didn't necessarily have such Hollywood aspirations, I DID want to learn how to handle my firearm with more confidence and effectiveness. He assured me that by the end of the day, I would see leaps and bounds in my proficiency. So we settled in and started working through some drills so he could get a feel for our ability level. As he evaluated, he scaled up the intensity each time he noticed us feeling comfortable. He consistently challenged us at our individual level. Along the way he would make slight adjustments to stance, grip, and trigger technique that yielded immediate improvement. Now, while I'm not ready to take on a hotel full of assassins just yet, I will tell you I gained the abillity to RUN MY GUN. Expectations exceeded. I can't wait to go shoot with Eric again, hopefully I don't have to wait until my next birthday!

    thumb Mike Hicks
  • 5 star review  This was a very well structured class. All instructors and facilitators were professional and very knowledgeable in all aspects of the laws and firearms handling. I highly recommend 4Ward Defense for all your training needs.

    thumb Julio Giraldo

    5 star review  Great class, have no complaints. Instructors answered all questions and were extremely helpful. Looking forward to future classes with them

    thumb Saeed Harvey

    5 star review  Instruction was excellent. Instructor has a strong grasp of the nomenclature of his class. He is an asset to carriers who love . Our country.

    thumb Terrence Cox
  • 5 star review  Have taken other conceal carry classes, this one was by far the best. Tyler was clear and knew the material. He also presented it very well. Highly recommend it.

    thumb Conernce Cox

    5 star review  I had a great experience. Even if you don’t have too much knowledge but are trying to learn, they make you feel right at home. Tyler and Eric were of great help and I highly recommend ??

    thumb David Joe

    5 star review  I had a great experience. Even if you don’t have too much knowledge but are trying to learn, they make you feel right at home. Tyler and Eric were of great help and I highly recommend ??

    thumb David Joe
  • 5 star review  Amazing class and instructors!!!! For starters, the class was very diverse, which was amazing in itself! Eric presented the course content in a manner that was not only helpful and informative, but in a manner that allowed for easy consumption of the material presented. The scenario analogies and other examples and little details Eric shared were GREAT! To be honest, this course and experience is certainty not what I expected, it was quite the opposite....on a VERY positive note!!!! As for the shooting range, I was extremely nervous!...primarily because it had been 20+ yrs since I shot a firearm. Let’s just say Tyler made this a great experience for me. He was engaged and very helpful to each student. He took the time to give each of us constructive criticism that MOST likely helped us get even better scores. Overall, these two gentlemen were amazing!!! They were super pleasant, easy to talk to, and gave that 110% effort and customer service that you simply don’t see much of nowadays. If you’re looking to get your LTC and you’re in the Cypress, TX area you should definitely reserve your spot with 4ward defense and firearms. You will not regret the experience and the instructors are so amazing you can’t help but walk away satisfied! Highly recommended!!!!

    thumb tammie freeman

    5 star review  IF YOU WANT TO PROPERLY LEARN AND UNDERSTAND GUN USAGE....COME HERE!! I had the privilege to have Eric and Tyler as my instructor for skills and class portion and they are the best of the BEST. THANK YOU for being so patient and answering all questions =]

    thumb tina Sim

    5 star review  Eric and Tyler were awesome! They were so patient, friendly, fun and allowed for as many questions as needed. I highly recommend using 4Ward Defense and I look forward to attending their other classes in the future!

    thumb Reesie Walker
  • 5 star review  As a novice to firearms, I would highly recommend taking your license to carry class with Eric because he emphasizes the important things to differentiate during the law portion and made sure each person understood it. Tyler was an excellent instructor during the shooting portion because you will not only learn proper ergonomics, he was able to see what each person was doing incorrectly and instructed how to correct the mistake(s).

    thumb jane yim

    5 star review  HIGHLY RECOMMEND Eric sets an industry standard with customer service. While the average "big name" vendor takes days to respond, update order status, ship etc Eric personally texted me at 9pm minutes after I had payment issues ordering. He re-built my cart, processed payment directly with me and had a real time update the following morning. This is my second order with 4ward Defence but will not be my last. Simply said, he has earned a lifetime customer.

    thumb Jon Dougherty

    5 star review  4Ward Defense Firearms is amazing. Eric was a great instructor and friendly. He helped me with a better shooting technique to make sure I qualified for my license to carry. I would definitely recommend and even come back for other firearms related business.

    thumb Theo Jones