EG18X Smoke Grenades (3 Pack)


45 Seconds of White cover smoke per grenade



The best smoke grenade you can get without having to join the army to get your hands on the real thing. The EG18X Military Smoke Grenade has been designed to put out a massive smoke cloud in the shortest time possible giving the concealment when needed most. The EG18X uses the Enola Gaye Wire Pull™ ignition system. Must be 18yrs old to purchase.  Cannot ship to a PO BOX.  Cannot ship to Hawaii or Alaska. Physical address required (Put physical address in the comments section at check out if needed). (Smokes currently have a 1 week lead.)


Are they legal? Yes, in the US, for their intended purpose. (paintball, training, skydiving, etc.)  Do not modify them.  Do not export them. Do not fly with them. We recommend you print and store the ATF Exemption paperwork with your grenades.

How long do they burn?  ~45 seconds.

Are they hot?  No.  They are a “Cool Burn”  and have no external flame. The casing will get warm after it’s burned out (190 F) and the initial smoke coming out is warm.  However, you must use caution as it may catch leaves and debris on fire.

What are the dimensions? 5″ tall 2″ diameter.

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01:01 19 Aug 18
Eric was friendly and pro. Always encourages participation and makes the class fun, interesting and dynamic. In depth explanations on all aspects of the LTC with great real life examples. The only negative was the additional steep range fee that they will get rid of as they are fixing to acquire their own range. Great day, very well oriented toward new gun owners (my wife loved it) I highly recommend it!
Clinton Turner
Clinton Turner
19:19 11 Aug 18
Very detailed class. They do a wonderful job explaining everything that you need to know. I've learned a tremendous amount of Information about different laws and ways to protect myself as a gun owner.
Desmond Thomas
Desmond Thomas
19:28 28 Jul 18
Awesome class!! The instictor was thorough and insightful. Real life examples were used to explain the laws and guidelines. I felt empowered and informed. Great job overall!! Excellent course.
Al Alverson
Al Alverson
15:03 12 Jun 18
We took 4Ward Defense Training for our License to Carry. Me, my wife and daughter took it together. The session breezed by and was enjoyable as well as educational. It was well worth a Saturday to get our license which arrived about 14 days after the course. I would highly recommend taking your training from Eric and 4Ward Defense.
Carolyn Williams
Carolyn Williams
23:38 02 Jun 18
Awesome class! They make it informative AND entertaining. Felt very comfortable at the gun range even for a fairly new beginner. 245/250! Definitely worth the time and money! I feel so much more competent.
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