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Soft Body Armor Set Level IIIA Kevlar

$340.00 $305.00

Set of 2 Kevlar KM2 and Goldflex II Soft Armor Inserts

These 10×12″ soft inserts are stand alone level III-A and MILSTD fragmentation rated construction. Great for handgun and frag protection in any plate carrier with 10×12″ pockets. A single insert would also fit well in most school backpacks for protection in the event of an Active Shooter scenario.

They will stop all III-A rounds plus 9mm AP, 7.62×25, 5.7×28, .50AE and other specialty pistol rounds and provide up to 40% blunt trauma reduction.

Besides being light (under 1 lbs), these inserts are soft and comfortable and just over 1/4″ thick. They are made of Kevlar KM2 and Goldflex II for really good stopping power for fragments and point blank shots (such as .44 magnum) and are thinner and lighter than standard Kevlar.

5 year manufacturer’s warranty on ballistics.

Made in the USA.

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