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Everything You NEED to Know: Bullseye Basics


Amaze your friends with your marksmanship skills by putting shots on target Every Time.

Inside our Best Selling Book “Everything You Need to Know: BullsEye Basics.” you will find:

The 5 Fundamental Rules of Firearms Safety.

Identifying and Correcting Marksmanship Errors.

Introduction to the Mantis-X, the Training Tool of the Pros.

The Top 11 Pistol Shooting Mistakes, and How to Avoid them.

The Basic Skills to Identify, Diagnose and Correct the vast majority of pistol shooting mistakes.

Plus much more!


Choose from either a Physical Book perfect for taking with you to the range, or a convenient eBook that can be kept on your mobile device or computer.

Physical Products ship out USPS and eBook is available immediately via digital download from your order confirmation page or order confirmation email.

Some of the topics we explore are:

-Why do most right handed shooters shoot low and to the left of their target?

-How hard should you grip your handgun? (THIS answer is not what you expect)

-Why Stance is the FOUNDATION of all accurate pistol shooting.

-How to become a more accurate shooter in as little as 20 minutes.

We are confident this guide will up your shooting skills and #ProtectEveryday, so it features a 100% money back guarantee. After reviewing this guide, if you are local- come take one of our Shooting Classes with our top rated instructors.

4Ward Defense Firearms+Training is Houston, Texas’ premier Firearms Training Academy, with over 1400 students trained since 2014. 4Ward Defense has over 220+ 5 Star Reviews on Google and delivers the highest level of customer satisfaction and value in the industry.

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