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Nano Gun Guard: Nanotech Gun Lube- 1oz Bottle


Ensure your firearm never jams and always performs when you count on it.

Utilizing the expensive 2010 Physics Nobel Prize winning Graphene in our formula,

Nano Gun Guard is the worlds most advanced Graphene suspended Synthetic Gun Oil Lubricant thus far.

Designed for situations where a ZERO failure rate is the only acceptable outcome, this Frictionless Lubricant is “as smooth as butter” as one lab analyst quipped.

In testing, our Nano Gun Guard virtually eliminated all failures, and tested at a Kinetic Coefficient of Friction of less than .01. (!)

Using a Nano layer of pure carbon, this lubricant features the Strongest and Thinnest material in existence, creating an impermeable layer of protection that binds your firearms.

Featuring an Incredibly High Thermal Conductivity and Impossibly High Flash Point this lubricant will not burn off of your firearm and makes surfaces demonstrate their highest lubricity. (aka: “Super Lubricity”).

Engineered by our exclusive partner in the Military, Aerospace and Petroleum industry- this is the last Firearms Lubricant you will ever need to ensure function under even the harshest operating conditions.

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Available in 1 Ounce and 4 Ounce Bottles.

Ships via USPS

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