We offer a unique training membership for our students to have a Personal Firearms Coach available for up to 4 weekly training sessions a month. Our program is called SAFEGUARD and it is designed to bridge the gap from the state minimums required to get a License to Carry a Firearm and becoming competent and confident to protect everyday.

  • Do you know your maximum effective shooting distance with both hands, single handed and off handed?
  • How often do you practice drawing your firearm from concealment? How long does it take you to get on target? How many center mass shots can you put on target in 6 seconds from a distance of 7 yards?
  • Where on your body can you carry your firearm that offers you the best combination of concealment and accessibility? Which type of self defense ammo (different from training ammo) and caliber are best for you? What safety protocol do you have in place to ensure that only intended persons have access to your firearms.

These questions and many more are competently taught to you and addressed in Safeguard Training.

When a student begins SafeGuard, our intention is singular- to get you competent and confident to be familiar with and know how to effectively use your firearm. Before you are confident to carry a firearm (60% of License to Carry a Firearm holders NEVER Carry a firearm)

After confidently achieving competency, we move on to a series of drills design to take a students skill sets to the next level of performance, one hour at a time, 1 on 1 with your very own personal coach.

Our SafeGuard Program is comprehensive, you simply show up at our office and we take care of the rest.

All range fees, ammo, gun rentals, safety gear and curriculum are provided. Students may use their own firearms (they are encouraged to do so) but are not required. We find that some students prefer to take our training BEFORE deciding which firearm they want to purchase.

See our monthly membership plans below.


Our Training Membership is ideal for shooters of all levels of proficiency- from brand new shooters to seasoned professionals. Many individuals feel the need to learn to use a firearm. Let us guide you through the process to build your confidence in your abilities. Are you already good? Just how good? Let us test you with dot torture drills under time stress until we find where you struggle.


As you get better and evolve so does your training. When you progress to a higher level of proficiency, your training becomes more challenging to keep you engaged and growing. Maybe its accuracy & precision. Maybe its learning consistent presentation from the holster. Maybe its shooting off hand, or malfunction drills. We keep you engaged and challenged at each lesson.


Once a month, Twice a month? Every week? We have a membership level thats right for you. Your membership covers your range fee, targets and 50 rounds of ammo. Let us show you what an hour a week can do for your firearm skills.