Personal Firearms Training

Do you know your maximum effective shooting distance?
What about off handed?
How often do you practice drawing your firearm from concealment?
We offer a unique membership for our students to have a Personal Firearms Training Coach available for weekly or monthly training sessions. Our program is called SAFEGUARD Firearms Training. 
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Perfect for all Shooters

Our Training Membership is ideal for shooters of all levels of proficiency- from brand new shooters to seasoned professionals. Many individuals feel the need to learn to use a firearm. Let us guide you through the process to build your confidence in your abilities. Are you already good? Just how good? Let us test you with dot torture drills under time stress until we find where you struggle. 

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training evolves as you do

AS you get better and evolve so does your training. When you progress to a higher level of proficiency, your training becomes more challenging to keep you engaged and growing. Maybe its accuracy & precision. Maybe its learning consistent presentation from the holster. Maybe its shooting off hand, or malfunction drills. We keep you engaged and challenged at each lesson. 

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Train 1-4 Times a month, just you and the instructor

Once a month, Twice a month? Every week? We have a membership level thats right for you. Your membership covers your range fee, targets and 50 rounds of ammo. Let us show you what an hour a week can do for your firearm skills. 

Each 60 minute training session includes:

50 rounds of ammo, targets and range fee.


SafeGuard also includes the following discounts and perks:

- 15% off additional ammo purchases

-FREE Class 1 Firearms Rentals- [$30 Savings]

-15% off Firearm purchases/ accessories

-$10 Class 1 FFL Transfers [$15 savings]

-10% off CLASS 3 NFA Purchases

-$50 Class 3 NFA Transfers [$25 Savings]

-$30 Class 3 Rentals (Machine Guns/ Silencers/ SBR) [$20 Savings]

- FREE NFA Trust  [$100+ Savings]

-Discounted price for Quarterly Dynamic Drills Day, plus much more!


Monthly Membership Levels

Maintain Level: $99 Membership - 1 visit a month

MAYBE special intro $79

Ready Level: $198 - 2 visits/month

MAYBE special intro price $158

VIP Level:  $399- 4 visits/ month

MAYBE $316/month

1 hour visit, Range fee & 50 rounds of ammo included

Tshirt, Patch, and other goodies.

% off ammo

% off rentals

% off firearm purchases/ accessories

Discount price for quarterly dynamic drills day @ ImpactZone

Curriculum grows and evolves in difficulty as student gains experience and confidence. 

Student can schedule class via (not setup yet for 4wd-do it)

Cancel any future charges Anytime- No Contract, No commitment


Students book up their own appointments, -Visits accrue over time