4Ward Defense Firearms+Training Affiliates

REMINDER: 4Ward Defense utilizes a variable commission affiliate structure- the Affiliate Commission Rate listed below in your Account Overview/ Summary section IS NOT accurate.

Please reference the Creatives menu or see below for current commission payouts per sale, varying from 5%-20% per item.


CHL License to Carry a Firearm– 20% Commission

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Class-20%

Firearms Safety Class- 20%


Individual Active Shooter Training: Countering the Mass Shooter Threat– 20%

Safety-Book– 10%

ONLINE License to Carry a Firearm Course and Class Test-5%

USCCA Self-Defense Membership-5%

LTC Shooting Exercise Only– 5%

Corporate Active Shooter Training: Countering the Mass Shooter Threat- 10%

Backpack Insert- Soft Armor-Level IIIA Kevlar-10%

Safeguard 4 Sessions /month-10%

Safeguard 2 Sessions /month-10%

Safeguard 1 Session /month -10%

EG18X Smoke Grenades (3 Pack-White) -5%

Soft Body Armor Set Level IIIA Kevlar -10%

IBA Level III+ Body Armor Plate Set-10%

Private Instruction (2 Hours)-10%

USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor Training- Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals-10%